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NUBBA 8th Girls Overview

Every year there is some confusion between NUBBA Basketball and Middle School Basketball. 

Here are the differences. NUBBA basketball and Middle School basketball are 2 separate things and you must sign up for each separately and pay each fee separately.  Signing up for NUBBA does not sign your player up for Middle School basketball and vice versa, you must sign up for both separately to participate in both.

Middle School 8th Grade Girls Basketball sign-ups are usually in the fall and are run through ISD 88 and the New Ulm Middle School and consist of league and conference type games. The school hires the coaches, arranges the practice time, provides a uniform and transportation to away games. The season usually runs from November to February.

NUBBA 8th Grade Girls Basketball sign-ups begin in early September and run through early November. NUBBA 8th Grade basketball acts as a continuation of the Middle School season and consist of Tournament play, usually 3-5. These tournaments are not affiliated in any way with ISD 88 and usually occur in February and March, but could occur in January or as late as April. NUBBA provides the coach and different uniforms than the Middle School. The NUBBA scheduler arranges the practice time with the school in which NUBBA has to pay a fee to use. 

Since the 8th grade rosters for both the Middle School and NUBBA basketball are usually identical, NUBBA will work with the coaches in the Middle School to provide the same type of game structure so as not  to disrupt the progress and momentum that has occurred in Middle School basketball.  However, it should be noted that the philosophy between NUBBA and the Middle School may or may not be slightly different and that is based on a variety of different things that include but not limited to roster size, tournament quality and player ability. 

If there is anything that may prevent  NUBBA (ie, not enough players) from having an 8th grade girls team and you have signed up already,  NUBBA will refund your registration fee.