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4th Grade Boys Overview

Head Coach-Scott Haime (

Our NUBBA 4th Grade Boys Basketball season begins in November and runs through February.  Your 4th Grader will have 2 practice sessions a week, once on a Sunday afternoon and then 1 more on a Monday or Thursday.  The specific practice times listed above on the 4th Grade Calendar. NUBBA understands that this can be an inconvenience but we also want to be flexible.  Please don't be discouraged by this, our coaches will work with you if you have prior commitments. 

4th Grade Boys are now into their second year of competitive play by participating in 5 tournaments, including our home tournament in New Ulm.  

Since your 4th Grade player will have several tournaments this year, there will be a focus on basic team offense and team defense concepts. We will continue to build on basic fundamental skills of shooting, dribbling and passing.  Your 4th Grade Coach will continue to teach new skills to help your player be successful on the basketball court. 

The 4th Grade boys will perform at halftime of the varsity game on December 20.